Types of Classes


Open classes

Open classes are fun classes where students of any level can drop in and enjoy the class topic of the day. Movements can be simplified for beginners or be given added layers and nuances for more advanced dancers. Miss a class? No problem! These classes have different themes, combos, and techniques each week, making each class exciting and fresh with no need to play “catch up.”  

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Choreography Courses

A choreography course is a fun way to put all your technique and knowledge together while learning a full song, start to finish. Instructors will teach a full choreography over a several week or month period, often culminating in an exciting performance opportunity to show off what you have learned! As such, these classes require students to be committed to attending each class with as few absences as possible. Note that performances are not mandatory, so students are welcome to come learn the choreography without having to commit to a performance. 


Raks Sharki Beginner Courses

Raks Sharki is driven differently than other styles of dance and has a different feeling and emphasis, which is usually more subtle and contained. Our introductory levels will help the student learn the fundamentals of Raks Sharki while taking them on a journey through the history and culture of this beautiful cultural art form. Students will learn the basics, movement concepts and posture as well as complex moves that require practice and comprehension. As you expand on your knowledge of Raks Sharki you will learn combinations of movements with traveling steps and a complete technique methodology. 

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Class Schedule