About Creative Hips

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A moving learning experience with a creative approach…

Creative Hips is a boutique & movement studio that offers a variety of dance classes and workshops with a focus on the art of raks sharki (Arabic term for ‘belly dance’). Our mission is to provide a moving learning experience with a creative approach. A dance home for all, Creative Hips is a space where beginner students embark on their journey with a strong cultural and artistic foundation, and advanced students enrich their training with a variety of styles and complexities. We are committed to the artistic integrity of Middle Eastern dance forms and believe in teaching this cultural expression with a respectful representation of its history and value across Arabic nations and cultures. As a source of empowerment in our own community, we welcome people of all ages, bodies, gender identities, and cultural backgrounds to join in our creative mission to share the rich history and artistry of Raks Sharki. 


Our Instructors

Kelly Rodriguez

Kelly is a Miami based belly dance performance artist, instructor and choreographer. She is the assistant director and a principal dancer of the esteemed company – Virginia's Wa Nour Al Ayun. With the company, and as the Protege of Virginia, Kelly has performed for international audiences in Argentina, Egypt, France, the Caribbean, Japan and throughout the US.
As a soloist, Kelly’s flawless performances and innovative choreographies have made her the darling of the South East Region. She currently conducts classes for all ages and levels throughout many popular Miami dance studios.
In 2012 she founded Belly by Kelly, -A professional performance and instructional company. Her young troupe, The Gems, immediately began to captivate audiences, winning the 2014 Rakstar first place award in the teen group category as well as crowned the People's Choice winners. Kelly's accomplishments as a soloist include the People's Choice Winner at the Ya Halla Y'all competition in Texas and the 2014 1st runner up of the Professional category, as well as the People's Choice winner, at the Rakstar International competition in Miami.
In 2017 she was selected to be a part of Munique Neith's International Performing Company in one of the biggest festivals in Europe, Egipto en Barcelona. During the festival she competed along side another member of Virginia's Wa Nour Al Ayun Performing Company, taking home second place in the Duet category. In 2018 she was invited to teach and perform on Virginia’s Reflections tour in Japan and Texas.


Valerick Molinary

Valerick Molinary is an award winning artist known for her unique and elegant style, which flows seamlessly while having that touch of sassiness resonant of her native Puerto Rico. She has taught and performed at international festivals across four continents. For over 15 years Valerick has dedicated herself to the in-depth study of Arab dances and folklore, traveling to study at diverse Arab countries such as Egypt, Lebanon and Morocco. She has a BA in Hispanic Studies and Comparative Literature, the influence of which can be seeing in her creative and poetic approach to choreography, dance teaching and production. Since 2015 she organizes the Lebanese Love Affair, an annual event in Miami dedicated to providing a platform for dancers to study directly from renowned and dedicated Arab dance artists, all in a big celebration of love for Raks Sharki and the countries that gave birth to it.


Arielle Tyson

Arielle is a dynamic and passionately dedicated dancer who recently relocated from Orlando to Coral Springs, FL. She is currently teaching and performing throughout South Florida and the Miami area and is known for her versatility. Her infatuation with bellydance began when she was growing up in Egypt, where she fell in love with Middle Eastern culture, music, and dance. Her first bellydance performance was in Cairo at age 10 and she has been obsessed ever since. With Arielle’s distinctive style and look, she is an up-and-coming dancer that we are all sure to see more of. You may have seen her on Egypt’s first bellydance competition show, Al Rakessa, which aired on Egyptian TV with Egyptian superstar Dina in 2014. As a result of becoming a finalist on this show, Arielle became an overnight sensation in Egypt and hopes to continue to make waves in the dance scene around the world.
In 2012, Arielle graduated from the University of Central Florida with two degrees: one in Microbiology/Molecular Biology and the other in Psychology. Since then, she has chosen to pursue her dance career full-time, while utilizing her education when it comes to understanding muscle physiology and the psychology of dance. Since then, Arielle has won several awards/competitions in both oriental and fusion styles.

Arielle was an instructor, choreographer and troupe member with the award winning Orlando Bellydance Performance Company for many years before moving to South Florida. She now teaches regularly at Belly 2 Abs in Miami, FL and Hype Fitness in Lake Worth, FL. She is also the newest member of Wa Nour Al Ayun, an award winning dance company under the direction of Virginia in Miami.

Arielle has a background in burlesque, hip hop, flamenco, samba, African, ballet, jazz, modern/contemporary, fire dance, ballroom, Polynesian, bollywood, Middle Eastern folk, and many others. This all contributes to her unique style, which ranges from sassy to sorrowful, feminine to fiery, goofy to elegant. Follow Arielle on her official Facebook fan page @ArielleBellydance and her official YouTube channel.


Francesca “Sahar”

Francesca Sahar is the quintessential Egyptian Style bellydancer. With over 10 years of experience in the art of Oriental dance, her artistic voice is distinct and she synthesizes all the technical mastery and emotional, creative depth to make her a true artist.

“She is definitely one to watch”

Francesca Sahar, a seasoned international performer, choreographer and instructor, inspired in her many travels to Egypt. She is an extremely skilled choreographer, expressive dancer, and specializes in the Egyptian style. Sahar started her training in the Mideastearn Dance Exchange and has been teaching since 2002 and is currently involved in the local community performing, teaching and choreographing for private as well as charitable events.


Joy Anaihz

Anaizh Huma has been teaching the art of BELLY DANCING for the past 9 years. She began her dancing career at the Mideastern Dance Exchange with the legendary master teacher, Tamalyn Dallal, continued to study with Bellydance Superstar, Bozenka, and then joined the MEDE Performing Company for two years. Her teaching style is upbeat, innovative, and thorough while providing tips to polish one’s technique. She enjoys introducing fusions like Belly Salsa, Arabeton, and Tribal to make class HIP-notic! Anais has studied under Master teachers such as Raquia Hassan, Rachel Brice, and renowned choreographer, Yousry Sharif.